All around town- no telling what you can find!

We love living in Atlanta! There's always something to do.
Great restaurants, sports, shopping - you name it!
On this page are some of the more notable places we've been-

Carlos Museum

This museum is small but has had some amazing exhibitions. We have been to see the mummies here and the "bone boxes".

Little 5 Points

A funky place, and it can be a little scary. The people and merchants are usually younger and pretty tolerant of alien visitors. The girls like to shop here although we don't always find what we're looking for. We like to eat in the bar/restaurant that has an open wall to the sidewalk. Their fried artichokes were good.

Sweetwater Creek

Cameron found the Sweetwater Creek State Park when he was looking for places to go fishing. It's a beautiful park- not very crowded (when we were there). Easy, well marked trails that are still a decent hike. Dogs are welcome but they are very strict about them staying on leash. We really had a great time here.


The Cyclorama was certainly worth the trip- it's impressive. The kids, however, didn't seem to enjoy it as much as the MLK outing. There's not much to the Cyclorama other than the show- the museum part is not very big and it's a little dry.
Since it turned out to be a quick trip, we went to the Historic Oakland Cemetery on our way home. It was okay- mostly just another one of those "now I can say I've been there" stops.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

We like to go to the ABG- there's always some neat exhibit going on. The childrens' gardens are really nice. The best exhibit was Chihuly glass! I had to pull teeth to get the whole family to go but once we were there, everybody had a great time. Chihuly is really a gifted artist. Ever since then the kids are pretty willing to trust me when I tell them there's something new to see.

Martin Luther King

Mattie wanted to learn more about MLK so we hit this historical site. It was great! It's also free. We saw the museum, the church,the King Center, and the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. When you first go into the museum make sure you get a ticket for the house tour. It's free but you have to have a ticket to get in. The museum plays short different movies all day. We watched one on the Freedom March. It was amazing. I don't think I'd take anybody younger than 4th grade- you really have to be able to read and to think to get everything there is to get out of the trip.
We also went to the Sweet Auburn Market while we were there- you know the one that's always on the food network. -ick! I'd rather shop at Harry's. But at least I can say I've been there.

White Water

Lately White Water just seems so crowded and not exactly clean! Last year there were some serious safety issues as well. We'll still probably buy season passes anyway- you only have to go twice to recover the price of the pass. On the other hand, we just found out you get a huge discount on day tickets if you use your AAA card.

Chattahoochee Nature Center

We went to the Butterfly Festival here. Really great for younger kids!

Atlanta Zoo

What can you say- it's a zoo. Yes, the kids loved it when they were younger but, now.... well it's not the greatest zoo in the world.

High Museum

we've been to the high a couple of times. It's expensive but worth going at least once .... We went to the Norman Rockwell exhibit years ago- it was phenomenal. Now that the kids are really too old for field trips it takes something great to get us down there. Hoping to go to the Leonardo exhibit though.

Breman Museum

Fernbank Museum of Natural History